Booking instructions

  • select the desired date
  • complete the form below the calendar
    • please ensure your contact details are correct
    • provide the address of the location where you would like to start your lesson from.
    • if you would like a two hour lesson, select the time you would like your lesson to start and then let us know you would like this to be a two hour slot in additional info.
  • submit the form select send
    • you will be  redirected to our shop.
  • select the appropriate package or pay as you go lessons you would like.
    • you will then be introduced to our payment screen
  • to secure the desired times and days payment would need to be made, you can do this through a paypal account, a credit/debit card as a guest on paypal or you can do a direct transfer to our account.
  • once payment has  been received this will be confirmed to you.
  • your instructor will be in touch to confirm the booking.

finally enjoy learning to drive.

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