Driving school -booking system

udrive plus driving school likes to put you in the driving seat. we have created a online booking facility with the customer in mind. follow the booking instructions below to book lessons at your leisure.

alternatively if you prefer talking to a human give us a call or drop us a message on social media.

contact us now.

UDrive plus booking system

  • click on the picture of the calender below to select your driving lessons in coventry.
  • pick an appropriate package. (lesson durations can be amended with your driving instructor)
  • choose a udrive plus instructor from your selection at udrive plus driving school.
  • select appropriate dates and time for your driving lesson.
  • enter your personal information. (needed for booking purposes)
  • confirm booking and allocate payment.




Intensive crash course block booking discount with pay as you go options available.

Take advantage of our reduced prices on crash courses and block bookings before they roll away.

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intensive courses...... should i consider doing one????

 The length of your intensive driving course depends on your previous experience and how good you are at retaining information. the more information you remember from previous driving lesson's the quicker you learn and because driving lessons with udrive plus driving school are closer together progress will be alot quicker.


Benefits of Intensive Driving Courses

Intensive driving courses are condensed, which allows learners to retain everything they have learnt much better.

Intensive driving lessons are suited to drivers of all levels.



How Do I Get Started with Intensive Lessons?

To get started with our intensive driving courses there are two simple steps.


Step 1 – Assessment Driving Lesson:


Firstly, when you join udrive plus driving school for your driving lessons in coventry, we’ll take you on an assessment lesson lasting two hours. This lets our expert instructors at udrive plus driving school identify whether you need one week of intensive training or more, and the number of lessons you’ll need to pass your driving test. After all you don’t want to pay for a full four week course if you could easily pass in two. This also gives you the chance to see if you like the driving instructor and car you’re placed with while you are taking a driving lesson with udrive plus driving school, as it’s important you’re as comfortable as possible.


Step 2 – Book Your Recommended Intensive Course:


Once your assessment driving lesson is over your udrive plus driving school instructor will recommend the length of course you require. It’s then up to you to choose the weeks, days and times for your lessons that suit you. We’ll also arrange a place to meet your driving instructor which is suitable for you, whether that’s your home, work or college.


we also run regular recommendation incentives for intensive crash course & block booking discount driving lesson packages. if you have a friend or relative who you think may also be interested let us know, you may be " killing two birds with one stone".


“You drive we teach”


intensive crash course & block booking discounts do differ contact us for more information at udrive plus driving school in coventry.



Licence Check Code

We need you to obtain a licence check code which confirms your entitlement to drive. 

Please follow these simple steps - 

You will need your - 

  • Driving licence number
  • National insurance number
  • Post code

- Click HERE to go to the gov.uk website


- Enter your information

- View now

- Click 'Get your check code'

- Click 'Get code'

- Send the code to us - this is case sensitive so please copy it exactly how it is, or screenshot it

- Send us your driving licence number too - we cannot check your code without this

Please text your code & driving licence number with #mycheckcode to 07400081008, or email it to [email protected] , It doesn't matter who your instructor is, please send the details  with  #mycheckcode.

If there's anything we can help with, please get in touch with us.

Driving test genie.

A recent innovation in the driving industry is the introduction of driving test cancellation apps.

This service gives you the opportunity to find practical driving tests sooner. once registered the site will keep checking for earlier test dates and send you notifications or even book you a test.

there are a variety of reliable services available to make your journey easier. Driving schools should be at the forefront of making this innovation available to learner drivers. Udrive plus driving school has agreed a discount with driving test genie .

our students have also used other reliable driving test cancellation apps which include:

  1. Testi.
  2. driving test cancelations uk.
  3. UK Driving test cancellations.  

Alternatively our learner centre will direct you to the dvsa driving test booking system.