Part 3/ standards check

Part 3 update COVID 

Changes to the Part 3 test and Standards Check – 

Date:24th July 2020

 Assessment has not changed! 

some of the processes and procedures have changed to protect the safety of examiners and their customers.

• The examiner may choose the start and finish time of the test.

• The instructor may choose an alternative meeting point BUT it must be within 5 minutes of the test centre.

• The assessment is 45 minutes with 40 minutes of ‘wheels moving’.

Any such arrangements will be confirmed by telephone by the examiner.

When they call you, they will confirm that your pupil is either:

• Partly Trained

• Trained

• Full Licence Holder

A beginner or static lesson is NOT acceptable

Keeping the vehicle moving and ventilated during the assessment may help reduce transmission of COVID 19.

The examiner will not conduct the test and your fee will be lost if you present with a beginner.

Although Remember that this is still a normal lesson!

The examiner will be joining your lesson with that pupil part way through! BEFORE the examiner enters the car, you will have:

• Set a goal

• Agreed the lesson structure that fits with the clients preferences

• Chosen an appropriate route/area

• Decided on your roles and responsibilities around the goal

• Discussed risk management

It is then your job to recap what you have discussed with the examiner, which should take no more than 2-3 minutes!

Please take your time with the goal setting/risk/roles and responsibilities, as you can do this without time pressures, though remember that it will become obvious if this has not been done correctly as the lesson progresses! You are still going to be marked on ALL 17 COMPETENCIES!!!

Wheels moving

If a PDI/ADI spends too much time talking whilst at the side of the road, giving briefings or taking too long, the examiner will discreetly prompt you to “get on the move”. Should the PDI/ADI continue in the stationary position, the examiner will not mark it as a satisfactory assessment, you will not be given a result and your fee will be forfeited.

UDrive plus Instructor Training –

The wheels need to be kept turning, but that doesn’t mean you cannot stop when something is wrong and it benefits your client or there has been a potentially safety critical incident. But do Keep any analysis/feedback short and to the point.

Ask 3 simple questions if you need to discuss a potential safety critical incident

• WHAT happened (What led up to it)- Fault identification.

• WHY it happened (potential risks if you are not sitting next to them)- Fault analysis

• HOW to improve next time (What could you do differently)- Remedial action

Now take them around again, agreeing roles and responsibilities as usual. Sometimes this short analysis can be done on the move – when the client is confident at discussing things on the move. It would be to your advantage to find someone who can do that rather than someone who prefers stopping to talk.

The client is still able to reflect on their performance at the end of the session BUT this must also be kept brief, 2-3 minutes.

3 simple questions should be enough:

• What went well

• What didn’t go so well

• What would you like to work on next time

Can also ask the learner to Rank themselves from a scale of 1-10 in terms of confidence and ability.

( if you choose to use this remember to get them to rank themselves at the start and finish so there is evidence of improvement if any)

REMEMBER that this is YOUR time to excel, so don’t hold back we all get nervous just need to keep doing what you do.

UDrive plus instructor training-



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Part 3/ standards check