1. a vehicle’s capacity to gain speed.

.”the three-litre model has spectacular acceleration”

1. 1. a person or thing that causes something to happen or develop more quickly.

.”the country has been th e main accelerator of global growth for a decade”
2. 2. a device, typically a foot pedal, which controls the speed of a vehicle’s engine.

“he pressed the accelerator to the floor and the taxi shot forward”.

The accelerator pedal is located on the right hand side of the footwell,

and is operated using your right foot only.

This is basically the pedal that sends the fuel into the engine block to get burnt.

and produces power to the wheels.


Acceleration of the vehicle can be a little daunting to new driver’s.

if done properly and effectively can always be safe and sometimes necessary.

For example leaving a junction or a roundabout when there is space would require adequate and timely acceleration.

If one is hesitant with acceleration at this point it can be dangerous and may sometimes lead to dangerous situations.

Udrive plus driving school in Coventry help prepare students from the very first lesson,

of the importance of being as controlled as possible with the pedals and knowing when to accelerate safety.

Udrive plus driving school in Coventry offer accelerated learning opportunities with our intensive courses,

tailored specifically for the students to learn to drive at a accelerated pace.


Safe acceleration requires planning ahead and doing effective observations. It can be very easy to miss possible hazards if one does not make use of safe practices.

Learn to drive with udrive plus driving school and you instructor will instill good practices and effective safe skills.

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How to accelerate or pick up speed in a vehicle depends on what type of transmission it is.

In an automatic the vehicle changes the gears for you so to pick up speed all

you need to do is apply pressure to the accelerator pedal.

In a vehicle with manual gears , you would need to change the gears as you accelerate.

in order to carry on picking up speed and to avoid damage to the engine.

Udrive plus driving school offer driving lessons in both manual and automatic gears. Contact us today to get started .

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